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Tree Inspection: A Continuous Process

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Is ‘Megatron’ the future of tree trimming?

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Arboriculture Training In Victoria

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WHERE SHOULD FRICTION BE IN OUR ROPE RIGGING SYSTEMS?   Hello fellow arborist.  I am not an engineer and I am not a technical writer.  I am going to write on the level of most of us; because I am a tree guy, like most of you.  I will write my articles from what I …

During the winter months when work slows down, it’s hard to find worthwhile events to attend. In 2014 this was not the case-at least in the Northeast. Brian Noyes of Ocean State Arborist Training created a venue that will no doubt be duplicated in the years to come. His creative approach to aerial rescue training …

Ohio Fall TCC – 2014 – Nick Markley Wins GJM Rev: 141216    1600 Nick Markley won Ohio’s Fall TCC on December 13, 2014 at Jeffery Park in Bexley, Ohio. Nick’s techniques, innovation & “vision-for-the-climb”, are improving by leaps between TCC’s.   In the Master’s, Nick used an innovative combination of 2 separate & independent SRT …