REVIEW: Rock Exotica Omni 2.6″ Block

Pros:  The Omni 2.6 is lightweight, has a swivel built in with an anchor point, has sideplates that open easily yet is secure and is very strong for its size.


Cons: This block only accepts ropes up to 13 mm diameter. Slings must be attached by splicing directly to the swivel or by girthing them on.

omni 4


The Review

When you first hold this block you feel how light yet sturdy it is. The sideplates are thick, the sheave is solid and the swivel is beefy. The sideplates open via a “two-stage double-catch safety mechanism” that truly is intuitive. This design seems near impossible to imagine it opening unintentionally. What’s more impressive is how easily it opens even one-handed. When you are up in the tree tops and hanging onto the weight of a rigging line hanging eighty feet below you’ll truly appreciate this feature.

I’ve personally used the Omni 2.6 in a diverse environment that even includes using it as a speedline traveling block for a simple setup that allows you to pop it on and off easily to redirect the line without the extra weight of the block.

omni speedline3

Having never really incorporated a swivel into my rigging system previously, I was impressed with the added benefits. For one the ropes are very easily sorted if they happen to get twisted along the way. Even more beneficial for someone with a rigging style like mine would be how it self-aligns when using multiple blocks or anchor points. It takes the worry out of loading the rigging line where the block may contact the tree like when using other styles of  blocks with cheek plates that open.

omni 5

Eric Whipple had this to say:

“I have been using the 2.6 for a bit. I really like that block.  This is pretty much what I’ve found;
– Beautifully built and high quality as to be expected from Rock Exotica.
– Excellent function of components.
– Lightweight and durable.
– Design elements lend to versatility and ease of use.
– I’ve used it for everything from midline rigging redirects and terminal rigging points, to span rig applications in which the pulley rides the piece being lowered in a “V” of rig line.

With all the good things I can say about the block, there is really only one drawback. That would be the recommended rope diameter of <13mm.”

omni 2

When I asked Mac Swan what he thinks of the new Omni 2.6 he replied:

“That is the only block I use any more. Otherwise I’m using rings. The swivel makes it far and away the easiest I’ve ever used, a flick of the wrist untwists the line immediately.  I have been dropping pretty big pieces into it and it has handled them admirably. The action to get the block open is also the easiest I have encountered. There is no downside for me. The rope capacity could be greater, but most of my rigging is done with half inch line anyway, so no worries.”


The Official Data and Numbers:

  • Increased MBS of 80kN with 20kN WLL.


  • Install and remove rope while still
    connected to the anchor.


  • Sideplate locks with two-stage,
    double-catch safety mechanism.


  • Integrated swivel allows pulley
    to orient while reducing gain.


  • Connect, install and remove
    rope with one hand.


  • CNC machined for optimal
    weight & strength.

omni dimensions-email-graphic

Part Number:
Sheave Dia.:
Max Rope:

2.6″ (66mm)
80 kN
1.9lbs (850gm)
0.5″ (13mm)
CE Certified


The Takeaway:

 This block is a little workhorse. It is obviously well built and has an innovative design that sets it apart. I can see this block being pulled out of the truck more than other blocks I own when I have some rigging to do. The more I use it the more I like it for reasons I’ve already stated. The only real negative that any of us found was the limiting rope diameter stamped on the sideplate. However, as depicted in the two photos below sent in by TreeBuzz member Steve Connally, the 14mm Sirius seems to easily fit onto the sheave and run freely even when free of a load. I’m not saying to go use this line, but it does look possible.

omni 14mm omni 14mm 2

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