2015 ITCC Rules Are Now Available


ITCC Rules

The ITCC rules are reviewed annually by the Rules Committee. If changes are required to make the event safer, follow changes in industry standards, or create a more efficient method of event scoring, those changes are made during the review period which is generally held October through December. The most current version of the rules can always be found at this location.

Current ITCC Rules

ITCC Rules (as of February 13, 2015)

The official ITCC rules are published in English. Some translated versions of the rules are available but they may not be the most current version of the ITCC rules. (Translations)

Rule Books

Copies of printed rule books are also available for purchase. To purchase rule books contact ITCC.

Rules Comments and Questions

The ITCC Rules Committee welcomes comments and suggestions for improving the competition rules. Questions regarding rules clarification are also encouraged.

If you would like to submit a comment, question, or suggestion regarding ITCC rules, please use the online submission form.

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