lifehacker: Career Spotlight: What I Do as an Arborist

Career Spotlight: What I Do as an Arborist

Career Spotlight: What I Do as an Arborist

Like any living thing, trees need care and maintenance, especially when they’re in an urban environment where falling branches cause problems. So who do you send to climb hundreds of feet into the air with a chainsaw? An arborist like Mark Chisholm.

Mark has been working most of his life as an arborist, having taken up the family trade. The work requires extensive knowledge of arboriculture as well as the physicality of an athlete. In fact, Mark’s won quite a number of tree-climbing championships. (Yes, there are climbing competitions; the profession seems rife with friendly competitive spirit). We spoke with Mark to learn a little about his work tending to trees as an arborist as well as his efforts to educate others about trees and safe climbing.

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About the Author Mark

Third generation arborist, 3-time ITCC Champion and 21-time NJTCC Champion. Spokesperson for STIHL, Teufelberger, and Kask. Creator of

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