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The following is from the news report, and is not a TCIA statement:


Man Severely Injured in 50-Foot Fall From Palm Tree in Santa Barbara


A tree-trimmer was severely injured Wednesday afternoon when he fell about 50 feet from a palm tree on the Mesa, according to the Santa Barbara City Fire Department.


This report was published March 1, 2017 by noozhawk.com  Full Report.

The following is from the news report, and is not a TCIA statement:


UPDATE: Injured County Employee Expected to Recover


An employee of the Logan County Engineer’s Office injured Monday morning while cutting a tree is expected to recover from a head injury, Engineer Scott Coleman reports.


This report was published March 6, 2017 by examiner.org  Full Report.

The following is from the news report, and is not a TCIA statement:


Tree service worker dies in truck accident in Bell Canyon


A Canyon Country man working with a tree service company died Saturday after an accident in eastern Ventura County, officials said.


This report was published March 6, 2017 by vcstar.com  Full Report.

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Have you heard about a recent accident or near miss (close call) in your area? Please email Peter at peter@tcia.org and describe the event. We will include it in our reporting. Stay safe!

Most incidents will have enough information and photos or videos to facilitate safety discussions with employees. Some may only be a notification of fatality with limited details, but will help to remind employees of how critical safety is in the tree care industry. You may also review the next issue of TCI Magazine for a full list of accident briefs for the month.


Please note: The incidents chosen for notification are only a sample of events and are related directly to commercial tree care. They involve fatalities, and on occasion near misses with rescues. We believe they will help you facilitate safety awareness and training. They will not and cannot cover all incidents affecting commercial tree care.


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