Podcast with Mark Chisholm on Profoundly Pointless

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Let’s Talk Rigging

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Tree Inspection: A Continuous Process

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PRESS RELEASE- For immediate release Sterling and North American Training Solutions Sign Multi-Year Sponsorship Agreement Biddeford, ME – Sterling Rope Company, Inc. announced the beginning of a long-term sponsorship of North American Training Solutions (NATS), an education corporation specializing in arborist training including tree climbing, rigging, chainsaw safety and aerial rescue. Sterling provides innovative and …

STIHL Pro Tips   Pro Tips: How to Top a Tree That’s Too Tall to Drop How to Fell a Tree with a Chainsaw Throwing Techniques   Basal Anchors   Ascending Techniques

ITCC Rules The ITCC rules are reviewed annually by the Rules Committee. If changes are required to make the event safer, follow changes in industry standards, or create a more efficient method of event scoring, those changes are made during the review period which is generally held October through December. The most current version of …

    Dear Prospective Reach Out WorldWide Team Member, My name is Danny Nausha and I am a Fire Captain with the City of Pasadena and the Saw Team Leader for Reach Out WorldWide. We are currently looking for highly-skilled crew members to join us on future deployments as part of Reach Out Worldwide’s Saw …