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Digital marketing has become an essential part of any business strategy and the need for this is only going to increase going in to 2019 and beyond. Working within the tree industry one thing I see is that many Tree Service companies seriously lack in their digital marketing efforts. More and more people are going …

Face-to-Face Education Matters: Instructors Make the Training Alex Subak, School Director, ACRT Arborist Training In my role as School Director, I frequently encounter resistance to the idea of in-person training. Besides the cost of the training itself, employees have to take time off work to get the training, there might be transportation costs as well …

The Bore-ing Back-cut… The Bore-ing Back-cut… by Tim Ard, Forest Applications Training, Inc.     Once you have completed the first four areas of information on your felling plan it is time to choose a back cut to fall the tree. You may choose to simply start from the back of the tree and cut …